For thousands of years the human race has asked the question, do aliens exist and are aliens real? From the time of the pyramids to modern day, millenia after millenia of generations have looked to the stars for answers. Alien conspiracy theories have demonstrated time and again we are not alone, yet governments across the globe deny the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Worldwide experts in alien conspiracy theories continue to investigate claims of alien life-forms visiting earth in an attempt to uncover the truth. We can only present you with the facts, it’s up to you to decide whether aliens are, in fact, real or not.

Alien Conspiracy Theories

Are Aliens Real?

People across the world, of all races and religions have asked the age-old question, are aliens real? Many ancient alien conspiracy theories suggest aliens are real and that they have visited earth on many, many occasions. Some of the top alien conspiracy theories, which in our opinion, answer the question ‘are aliens real?’ are listed below:

Most Famous Alien Conspiracy Theories:

We’ve put together some of the most famous alien conspiracy theories, which today still remain huge discussion points amongst the alien and UFO research community:

  • Fiery Discs, Egypt 1
  • Ship In The Sky, Rome 2
  • The Ancient Pyramids 3
  • Aurora, Texas UFO Incident 4
  • The Roswell Incident 5
  • Battle of Los Angeles 6
  • The Ghost Rockets 7
  • Gorman Dogfight 8
Do Aliens Exist

Do Aliens Exist?

If, in fact, aliens do really exist, surely there would be concrete proof by now? How is it that so many alien sightings and extraterrestrial incidents have occurred, seemingly proving the existence of aliens, yet each time these theories are ridiculed or pushed underground to avoid the public spotlight? Is it government intervention? Or is there a more sophisticated organisation in control? Tasked with protecting humankind from the truth and hiding the real answers from those who seek the answers to the ultimate question. Do aliens exist?

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